Who Is Bob Grant – The Author of Best Selling Relationship Books for Women?

out in the relationship advice arena, and that name is Bob Grant. This statement may seem like an exaggeration but a quick look into the numbers for his several e-books on relationships and romances will affirm that, indeed, he is a well-respected author on these subjects.

One of his most popular works is The Woman Men Adoreā€¦and Never Want to Leave e-book. This is considered by many critics and most customers to be the comprehensive guide for women seeking to find their respective Mr. Right and keep him in the relationship.

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Bob Grant is not just any author of relationship books where the ideas are copied from other professionals in the field. The online world is littered with these pseudo-experts, which makes it difficult to separate them from the real experts, such as Grant. 

What makes Grant a professional expert in relationships? No, it is not because he has suffered through countless failed relationships on his own. By all accounts, he is a happily married man to wife Stacey and a great father to a girl and 3 boys (triplets).

Instead, Grantā€™s professional expertise comes from being a relationship coach, therapist and counselor for almost 2 decades. His resume is filled with numerous certificates and licenses including being a licensed professional counselor pertinent to his job, although these achievements are not exactly his badges of honor.

He considers the sheer number of wedding invitations received from his past and present clients who found great relationships after following his advice to be his greatest achievement!

Bob Grant goes beyond advising women on how to be Ms Right for their respective Mr. Right. Many of his satisfied clients include married women who successfully brought their marriages from the brink of divorce by using his methods. The reasons for the marriage being on the rocks included infidelity, indifference and even just plain boredom.

With all these successes in the relationship field as a professional therapist, Grant is rightly called The Relationship Doctor. As such, he professes to have the prescription for many relationship-related things like finding love, keeping the romance alive and reconciling ex-lovers, among others.

Well, of course, you have to read his books, listen to his advice and to apply his recommendations to prove ā€“ or disprove, for that matter ā€“ how well his methods will work for you. If the success of others is anything to go by, this book is well worth the investment of your time and money as it may provide the answers you are looking for.

ā€˜The Woman Men Adoreā€¦And Never Want To Leaveā€™ review

As previously mentioned, Bob Grant has many e-books to his name. Just to name a few of these books, you can purchase How to Find the Man of Your Dreams, How Do I Get Him Back and What Husbands Canā€™t Resist. All of these books provide for valuable insights into the minds of men and, consequently, how to attract and keep them in the relationship. 

However, the more popular of these works is the aptly-titled The Woman Men Adoreā€¦and Never Want to Leave e-book. Grant makes the bold promise that this e-book is the last relationship book any woman will need and, not surprisingly, he delivers on the promise. Again, you have to read the book to understand the power of his methods and to see how they can assist you in your own situation.

Bob Grant is an outstanding author in his chosen field ofĀ relationship advice. His books are must-reads for individuals who want to enjoy a happyĀ romanticĀ relationship, reignite lostĀ passion, or to save aĀ brokenĀ relationship with the love of their life. The information you will gain from this book is invaluable, and is based on many years of Grantā€™s relationshipĀ therapyĀ experience. If you apply the techniques contained within the book, there is a very strong chance you will have success in resolving your relationship issues. Above all, stayĀ positive!

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