The Most (Dangerous) Dating Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Men, And What To Do About It

One of the biggest dating mistakes women make is staying too long in relationships that are clearly heading nowhere. Many of us get involved with someone new and just keep sliding forward in the relationship, without making conscious decisions. To avoid this, you should get smart about choosing your future. Always keep in mind this question. Is this the right person for me to spend a lifetime with? When the answer is no?  You need to be prepared to move on. To help you reduce wasted time, emotion and effort.

After One Month: Is this a person you think has enough possible that you want to explore them exclusively? If yes, date only each other for a while. If you still feel like seeing other people, it is a good sign that he is not the partner for you and you can move on. After Three Months: Does this person have enough compatibility with me that I can see enduring future with them? If yes, date for three more months. It naturally takes up to three months for a person’s true personality to begin shining through. So you do not want to make any major decisions before then. But if you are seeing some major incompatibilities by three months, it is time to move on.

After Six Months: Does this relationship consistently meet my needs and would spending my lifetime with this person make me happy. If yes, give it six more months and reassess. By six months, you have typically had a chance to get to know someone fairly well and you have seen him in different situations. If all lights are green, it can still take up to two years to know someone well sufficient to make a well-informed decision about whether you should commit for life but if your answer to this question is no, move on. By regularly reviewing the status of your relationship with open eyes and being honest whether it fits for your future, you can fast forward the procedure of finding your mate. Your goal should be to have fun while minimizing wasted time, emotion and effort, because every moment spent with a Frog is more time away from your Prince.

The most common mistake that women make once they find out their partner has cheated is to ignore the situation or pass it off as, it was not a personal thing. While the cheating partner may believe it was not personal, it becomes personal because it deeply affects the non-cheating partner. Being alone does not imply being lonely; take this time to find out who you are. Develop personal goals and achieve them. Pamper yourself and do not jump from one relationship into another. Get pleasure from spending time with yourself. It is your lives so live it. If you follow these guidelines when looking for a mate you will ultimately find the right man for the real you. You deserve the right man who is able to welcome the real you.

The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want to Leave

For every woman who has ever asked themselves the question, “What Am I Doing Wrong?” This book is for you.

If you’re in a relationship that is going nowhere, then you have to make some critical decisions that may very well determine your future. Do Women really understand men? What if men are actually simpler than women realize?

What if you’re single and can’t seem to meet that right person? Or perhaps you are fearful that you might not get married? “The Women Men Adore and…Never Want to Leave” isn’t like other books that take 20 pages to explain one idea. No, in it you will find both practical and enlightening insights that any woman can implement to enhance her romantic relationships such as:

* Knowing how to diffuse a man without raising your voice.

* Have your man want to protect you when you feel overwhelmed.

* Why to much giving is actually competing with your man.

Most women only dream of this kind of influence, but you can experience if for yourself.If you have ever wondered why you are successful in so many other areas and yet that one area goes unfulfilled, then I’ve got a secret to tell you. It’s not about trying harder! You simply need to know what to try.

No, most women try so hard they become exhausted and get discouraged! What you need is a guide, a road map that will shed light on the path that is right in front of you.

“The Women Men Adore and…Never Want to Leave” will give you the insights that will change your relationships with men forever. These insights will work whether or not your man (or any man for that matter) wants to be influenced by you or not.

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