My Tao of Badass Review: Should You Buy the Program?

With supreme confidence; author of “The Tao of Badass” claims that he can show you the way to reach the top 2% of men and this will require correcting only a few simple mistakes that most men commit in relationship. And such people even do not know that they are committing the mistakes.

This is my review of the Tao of Badass program.

Based on First Hand Experience

What the author propones are all base don his personal experience of staying alone in search of a hot girl friend. Initial encounters with eight gorgeous women proved futile despite dating half of the lot. Ultimately he found out the magic formula that worked well with women.

Humble Submissions

Good thing about the author is that he is quite humble and frankly admits that he had nothing special that would make women dive to his laps. The fact remains that he did still succeed and obviously had some secret strategies and weapons which he now apparently wanted to share through his eBook “The Tao of Badass” with other aspirants across the globe.

What the Author Has to Say About It

Like most other authors on sex and relationship the present author also has things to say. Some of the points that seems similar to those expressed by other experts are โ€“

  • Neither looks nor wealth is required for success in getting and managing sex.
  • Girls often lose interest in men due to multiple reasons. Although many people fail to understand it, there are potent reasons behind such occurrences.
  • Sometimes the experiences are bitterer with the girl looking for something like “friendship alone” or walking away before you with someone else who by social standards; is no match for you.

Scaring Thoughts

At most times the prospective lover suffers from some scaring thoughts. One of them is possible rejection by every woman they come across. At other times it is the fear of telling friends about a woman whom one is dating. It also did not seem fair that some of the guys always had it while others did not. All these could lead to the real scary though of remaining alone for the rest of the life instead of settling for a woman whom the person did not love completely.

Warning About Dating Gurus

The author also gives warning about the so called dating gurus who claim to teach the people many things but in essence are fakers. Such fakers could come up with TV shows, eBooks, records, DVDs and many others to prove their worth and points. But the fact remains that even following them or investing money on these products does not help in real life. And the author also clearly points out the deficiencies and worst part with these dating gurus and their products is that these gurus have never put to test their strategies and methods for themselves.

Eventual Truth

Such things however turned up as inspiration for the author who eventually claims to have found out the truth. His findings were that โ€“

  • Not all that were proponed by the dating gurus were fakes. A few strategies did work.
  • Ultimately he was able to filter out the truth from the fiction.
  • The truth was that all the dating gurus were trying different versions of the same thing.
  • Ultimate truth was that “attracting women is a learned skill”.

Why the Work is Worth the Price

Skills of attracting women were put in black and white in the “The Tao of Badass”. Everything laid down in the book is meant to teach the clients how to attract women, win over them, and lead them to bedroom. The eBook seems worth the price because it deals with the issue from all sides; both positive and negative; and tries to give some scientific solutions to the dating problems.

To top it all; the user also gets four bonus books including the one showing the technique for dating multiple women at the same time without lying to anyone.

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