Some Casual Online Dating Tips for The Single Parents Out There…

I’m a single parent and at the moment, I enjoy being single. But that won’t last. There will come a point when having the luxury of a double bed all to myself loses its appeal and when that point comes, what do I do about it? I’ve recently moved to an area where I barely know anyone and with working, studying a degree and being a single parent, finding the time and the confidence to meet new people is rather daunting. 

This is where online dating comes in, and to the genius who derived this novel way of finding prospective partners, I salute you! Online dating has really taken off in the past few years and it’s hardly surprising. If you’ve ever ended up on a date with someone you initially thought “Wow!” and then found yourself sat in awkward silence with nothing in common whatsoever just waiting for the date to be over, you could probably understand why. 

Online dating enables you to be much more selective about the people you connect with, helping you to avoid those awkward first date scenarios. So how do you go about it?

First, you need to find an online dating site. Obvious perhaps but with lots to choose from, finding the right one for you is imperative:

Dating for Parents – A free and safe site perfect for meeting other parents who understand the trials and tribulations of raising children. – This is one of the best known dating sites and therefore has lots of partner potential. Surveys have shown that has a higher success rate than any other dating site. They offer a subscription package of £12.99 per month for six months and you can be sure that anyone paying a fee is serious about finding a match. 

eHarmony – Another popular Internet dating site which allows you to create an account and review some matches before choosing a subscription to suit you.

Match Affinity – Match Affinity is dedicated to matching personalities for successful dating. They ask about 100 questions to create a personality profile for you, matching you to like-minded people. 

Mature Dating – Designed for over 40′s, this site offers a safe and comforting environment networking with other mature singles. – This site is free but that doesn’t mean the quality of its members are any different from sites that you pay a premium for.

Date Positive – For those who are living with HIV or Herpes, Date Positive allows you to enjoy online dating whilst avoiding that awkward conversation or rejection.

Once you have selected the site(s) you wish to join, you will be given the chance to provide a profile. Having a well-written, honest profile is essential in online dating success:

  • If you have fun writing your profile, chances are the reader will have fun reading it. 
  • Be specific with what you are after. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, say so. Last thing you will want is to find “the one” and realise that they are only after a casual relationship. 
  • Show your individuality in your profile writing about your goals, your strengths and dreams. Being unique will get you noticed.
  • Creating a good profile name will get you further than being “singleguy77″
  • Treating yourself to a professional (and honest!) photo will work wonders. Most dating sites allow you to choose to keep your picture hidden, only making it visible to members of your choice but remember that you are more likely to receive responses with a permanently visible picture.

Once you start receiving responses for your profile, try not to juggle too many possible matches at once by hiding your profile whilst you see what fits. Having a phone call with a prospective partner will help you determine if they are right for you before you meet up with them. If you aren’t receiving enough responses for your profile, re-write it. Regularly updating your profile picture will help you gain new interest.

Being a single parent can make online dating that bit more difficult as not only are you finding a partner for yourself, but a possible parent figure for your child. Don’t be discouraged if it is taking some time to find “the one”. Persevere. Good things come to those who wait.

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