Should You Stay or Should You Go Book Review: How to Make the Decision

In case you think that you have reached the dead end of your marital relationship and are living as total strangers under the same roof then this ebook by Susie and Otto could be a banker to you. The authors have included many useful tips from their own personal experiences in the aftermath of a painful relationship that didn’t work out and finally how they headed for a great relationship.

“Should You Stay Or Should You Go?” is not yet another cookie cutter counseling book on marital relationship that would advice you whether to stay on or call quits from a relationship. On the other hand, it helps you to arrive at the best possible decision in the interest of both the partners. Many a times, a troubled mind would not be able to make a logical decision and this book would help to have a probe into the crux of your relationship and the answers to all those nagging queries that you might have had with a clear and focused approach.

With the useful tips in “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” you would be able to find out your aspirations and the issues that throw a spanner in attaining these goals. Learn more about your communication problems or financial equations that might have had a say in straining the relationship. There are no ready made magical tips or sure shot remedies to salvage your rocky marriage in this book simply because no two relationships are alike. What this e book is trying to do is to provide insight to many crucial matters that you might not even have considered and to empower you to arrive at a perfect decision.

If you are planning to put an end to a hopeless and troubled marriage, spare a glance to the enlightening words of wisdom in this e-book, before making the most crucial decision of your life. Who knows? At the end of the day, your fate would have something pleasant in store for you.

Couples brought together by an unhappy marriage would often find it difficult to make up their, whether to stick on or to nip off the relationship; whereas in some other cases all they wanted was to reiterate whether separation was the best possible bet in the prevailing situation.

Whatever be your predicament, “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” is sure to bring a respite to you by tossing some of the most crucial questions that you need to put to yourselves to make the most level headed decision about whether to stay put or go.

No matter whether your relationship is empty or loveless, this book would drive home the point that a passionate relationship is very much possible if you have the will to pack a punch to your lack luster relationship. Perhaps the adage of ‘If there is a will there is a way’ is applicable to marital relationships than anything else. Infuse a whiff of passion and warmth to your relationship and see the difference it makes to your numb affair.

For those who still find it difficult to understand whether a fairy tale marriage is on the offing for them, the authors Susie and Otto Collins who are relationship coaches themselves assure that anything is possible if they have the urge and an iron will.

In addition to salvaging your sinking relationship, you are all set for a head turning jackpot in the form of 7 incredible books on love and relationship and magical tips to make an amazing relation that would make the world go green with envy.

Life is a God given wonder gift and you can make it a joyful experience by making even the most painful decision of making or breaking your relation in the least agonizing way. All that is required is a concerted effort from your side and this book is sure to fuel up your determination and passion to keep the flame of your love life alive.

Grab the elixir of all your marital woes at and enjoy a blissful relation all through your life. Hurrah!

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