Masters in Hubby Management – The New Subject for All Wives (MHM)

MHM – Don’t worry, its not the Masters in Hotel Management as it is usually called. It is the ‘Masters in Hubby Management’. And if you master this art of Hubby Management, he will be your slave forever. It can create true intimacy, which is fulfilling and binds the relationship. This create a cupid’s connection too.

Honestly we all love a man who is a bit henpecked and a cute, an adorable genie, granting all our wishes, so just rub him the right way and have him say, “I can make your wish come true”, any day. Follow these guidelines and watch him fall hook, line and sinker for you all over again.

Flirt with him

Be a big and compulsive flirt, flutter those eyelashes, pucker up your lips in a pout, give him those sexy smiles or seduce him. Have an affair with him again, all over again. Stir those hidden feelings and emotions.

Seduce him

If you want him to worship you, be raunchy and irresistible to him. Slip naughty cards and slips in his pocket or send him erotic SMS messages or emails to keep him hooked. Dress as a damsel whom he wants to possess. Tattoos and body art will help to give you the luscious Lolita look, which is just right way to make him drool.


Let your imagination run wild. Play naughty love games such as rolling the dice and taking off one item of clothing on each go. Whisper sweet somethings in his ear and while doing that don’t forget to run your tongue on his earlobes to his neck and then to his erogenous zones. Unleash your wild side and get ready for fireworks in the bedroom.

Yummy quick fixes

Be naughty and always look for short and spicy sessions as it gives instant gratification. Find the unusual places to make out; kitchen table, the shower, the bath tub or even in the car. Passion played in such places would make his day. Umm… He will be yours for life.

Share and care

It is good to share each other’s secret yearnings. Open up more with each other. Give in to his longings and make him yours. It will bring you more closer. Support and encourage him, give him your entire attention, gaze adoringly in his eyes and make the moment magical, just be indispensable to his needs.

Two to tango

Tell him to make a wish list and you make yours. Exchange it like a harmonious couple. Do dishes together, and get completely lost in each other. After sometime you’ll wish that there should be more dirty dishes and then tell him “why don’t I do you now”? Give him a nice shave and get yourself waxed by him. Woo him in style, give him a treat and he’ll treat you like a queen

Make him relax

Make your fingers his best friend after a hard day of work. He needs to rest but you need to check out the new Thai restaurant in town. Simply, win him over with a massage. This lets his mind off the work and enters into your zone. After an hour it’s time to get ready for a great evening ahead. Soothe his sore muscles and he’ll smooth your tongue with tasty and tangy Thai cuisine.

Be desirable

Just double his and your sexual pleasure with a little bit of fooling around with each other. Kissing and stroking, will take him to new heights of ecstasy. Tantalize him with your tongue, as guys just dig French kissing. These make out sessions have to be imaginative and satisfying like a delicious meal and he would crave for you like you do for chocolates, “His dil maange more and more“.

The passion will be there but the drama shouldn’t stop. He adores you and you are bonkers about him but he needs to be tamed. There naughty tips would wrap him around your finger and you’ll be living in a dream all your life.

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