Marriage Proposal Ideas Book Review: Ready to Propose to Your Sweetheart?

Ready to pop the question to your sweetheart? Do it in a special, creative yet inexpensive way that helps you exhibit your true feelings for the one you love. Something that leaves her tearful, speechless and overjoyed, so much that she is almost forced to say “yes” there and then. Want to know how? Michael Webb is here to guide you on the most creative ways to propose.

Michael-the Oprah Love expert is a romance guru who has written numerous books on dating and romance and has been featured on over 300 television and radio shows in the country. Michael in his e-book titled “Marriage Proposal Stories and Ideas” has included only the best proposal stories of the 7000 entries he received in a contest he recently organized. Stories that are included leave you in tears. Also included are two dozen worst marriage proposals that are sure to leave you rolling on the floor laughing as did I while reading the same.

Most couples who were recently engaged said that their proposal was less romantic than they had expected. You can either spend a fortune on your proposal or be creative with your proposal to make it unforgettably romantic. If you are looking for ideas to make your day special without having to spend too much, Michael Webb’s e-book titled “Marriage Proposal Stories and Ideas” is a must have.

On an average people spend around $300 (excluding the cost of ring) on proposals. According to Michael, it is not the Limousine or a fancy dinner that can win you your beloved’s heart, all you need is to be true about your feelings for the one you love. You can actually have her cry in tears of joy and love you forever by just by being creative while proposing. Of the included stories in his e-book titled “Marriage Proposal Stories and Ideas”, are some where people used props such as hay, Red Hots, SWAT teams, a courtroom, plywood, thread, gloves, concrete, lumber, chalk, Band-Aids and even X-rays to impress their ladies. And, these had effects that even the most expensive dinners failed to create. While proposing using a fortune cookie or on a paddle boat is a perfect idea for proposal, it is simply like following an age-old tradition. Get creative, get active in proposing in the most unimaginable, creative way and have an impact that leaves you in the arms of your sweetheart, in the most loving embrace you’ve ever experienced before, with the emotions that have never ever been felt, just by agreeing to be together for a lifetime. Discover the most romantic ideas to propose marriage to the love of your life with Michael Webb’s “Marriage Proposal Stories and Ideas”. Also learn about:

  • Worst time of the day to get engaged
  • Making $500 from your proposal
  • Four words that you refrain from while proposing
  • Secret into getting a free engagement ring
  • Three places where you should NEVER propose
  • Proposing on television
  • Five things you should do to record your proposal
  • How soon should you propose to avoid a divorce

And much, much more…

For obtaining your copy of “The Romantic’s Guide To Popping The Question” by Michael Webb, click here.

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