How to Simply Tell A Guy That You’re Interested In Him

Get His Attention First:

This one must really be a teaser. So, you must know in advance what he likes and dislikes. After all, you’re just about to give him a peek into your personality – so make it interesting just as to keep him hankering after it, and mysterious enough to make him want to explore more.

Let Him Make The Next Move:

For like we keep telling you , men like to chase, not be chased. So once you’ve done your bit – with a few heavy hints thrown his way, back off. Now, it’s his turn. If you’ve enticed him enough, he’ll get your number from one of your friends (or may actually take it from you) and call you for a date. And there – wasn’t that what you were waiting for?

The Date Debate:

Women always get into two minds here. What is the right thing to do? Accept instantly, or play hard to get? While the choice remains entirely yours, we’ve just a bit of advice to give – why play hard to get, when probably you could get to see and meet him and have a whole lot of fun?

Discover Each Other:

Finally, you’ve got his attention, for he’s asked you when to meet again! Voila! What’re you waiting for? Go have fun!

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