How to Get Your Boyfriend to Propose Without Pressuring Him

Every body must have heard the love comes first and then comes the marriage. Getting a guy to propose has never been easy and will not be so in the future also. It is no because the guy does not like or even worse he may be scared of the marriage commitment. Most of the time, guys just are not that great at thinking the situation through and seeing how important it is getting married is to their girlfriends. Some of the methods to on how to get you propose to you are given below.

You know how guys never look at maps or consult instruction or assembly manuals, it is not because they know what they are doing, but it is because they hate to be told what to do. This is as true about their personal lives as it is about the new household implements.

In case after a certain period of time you thing that he is not going to commit himself to the marriage then it probably time for some action. Of course no women would like to face this situation and bring the marriage issue in an eyeball to eyeball confrontation; of course this happens only in very extreme cases. Every woman prefers the boy friend to propose to her rather than coaxing her boyfriend to do so. And if you wish succeed in that Endeavour it takes honest communication.

Do not be depressed or put off if you boyfriend does not respond positive you your suggestion. He would definitely require some time to think over the proposal, so we need to give him some breathing space so that he can take a decision in a sound mind. Maybe this would be the first time ever that he might of thought of a marriage proposal.

As all guys are not as sensitive as women and as it take more time and persuasion of them to propose their girl and some times guys hate being told what to do in this regard. Of course one could hint at the proposal by leaving some material related to the marriage like the bridal magazines around the house and then asking him to go through the catalogue of rings and every time you that he is definitely going to get the picture and might propose you.

Women should always try to grasp that subtle message because men are not good at hiding what they are thinking.  The problem is that many women would like hear what they like rather than what the other person would like to tell, always try to grasp that hidden message. There is every possibility of he may be telling you through his gestures and behavior whether he is ready or not ready for the relationship or he may even be telling you whether he is or he may be telling you that he is not that interested in you to go all the way to the altar, it may be a casual relationship that he is looking for. So every woman should develop the ability to read a person’s intentions, so that you are not caught with man who cannot reciprocate your love.

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