How to Approach a Man Without Looking Desperate

Attracting or approaching men is not a simple task. Sometimes, it may lead to nerve-wrecking incidents. It is better that you first take a totally non-romantic approach so that no embarrassment is caused to either party.

Remember men are very much concerned about facing rejection, so why not make the first move yourself? Take a proactive approach and there is no fun in feeling helpless and just letting the opportunity to go away.

Some men are extremely shy and these men generally will not make the first move especially with a “colleague” where they may feel that they could get into trouble with those monsters in your working area or at some other place.

It appears that this man is also attracted to you and it is no longer unthinkable for a woman to approach men.  Try finding him when he is on his own and ask him the time or something like that to start up the conversation.

Even though he may not be saying much, you have made that first contact. Then whenever you walk by him, smile at him and chances are that he may smile back to you. From then onwards you can start making small conversation whenever you see him.

In order to attract men, you need to specifically know what type of man you want to attract and then dress accordingly in a way you are most likely to attract that person. And you should also go to locations where you are likely to meet that man.

When looking for someone or waiting for someone to approach you, you should know where to go. Every woman should try to be bold, creative, and adventurous in approaching men. A woman should make eye contact with an attractive man, approach him herself.

If he responds positively after the initial eye contact, then you will probably find a connection to get the conversation going and wrap it up to create a sense of curiosity. There should be compatibility for the choice that you are establishing. For example, if you are looking for a muscular man go to the gym or when you are looking for an intelligent man go to a book store or other places where you can find someone who is interested in the same things you like doing.

As for making others feel that you are attracted to them, it is always a good idea to be affectionate but not obsessive. Affection is always a good thing unless and until it turns into possessiveness. Being overly affectionate can be intimidating if you have just met someone of course.

Try to tell men what you want but be careful not to divulge too much information to a potential manipulator who may only want to use you and use the information you tell them to “get to you”. Most aggressive perverts have the art of approaching women and manipulating them. Sometimes it is nice and different to be approached by some sweet lady who is not too aggressive. Sure, men will be men but they do not always have to chase women. It’s just not civilized now a days. Well, life can be interesting when people do something different and surprising. 

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