Guy Gets Girl Review: Step by Step Guide on Dating, Pick-up & Seduction

Any surfer on the Internet will come up across numerous dating and relationship guides but the problem is that few of them offers a real step by step guide for achievement of the objective. “Guy Gets Girl” by T. H. Taylor fills out the slot near perfectly.

Unique Presentation

All said and done, it is unique presentation in the sense that how a man can succeed in relationship and seduction of woman is not written by any man but by a woman. It might sound strange but it is true, because the advices in the program have come from the side that will be seduced and not from the seducer’s side.

Supreme Confidence

Supreme confidence of the author emanates from her very first advice as she tells her clients that they should not do anything else till they read the contents in the box. Reason for such advice is that she considers that it could be an eye opener for the reader.

Unique Advices

Some of the advices rendered by the author are quite exceptional.

  • The author claims that looks, age, or financial status are not important for winning a woman.
  • Despite not having any of the qualities, it is easy to attract and seduce a woman by flirting.
  • According to the author, attraction is a science and not an art and it is calculation and precision that will help someone achieve the objective for which he is fighting.

Scientific Explanation of Thinking Process

Author points out that there are two types of thinking in human beings of which one is conscious and follows logic while the other is subconscious and follows emotes. In explaining the mental process of a man or woman; she also explains the best ways of winning over and seducing a woman one desires to have.

  • Unlike men, women are inspired by emotions and despite their logical minds warning them; they fell for one who may or may not be worth it. Excitements offered by the alpha male or bad boy are something a woman can hardly resist.
  • It does not mean at all that one should become a bad boy to win over women, but for a nice guy often frustrated in dating game, trying the bad boy role once a while could be great turner.

Practical Suggestions

In her process of showing the best ways of winning over a woman, the author also comes up with some practical though unconventional suggestions.

  • Speaking and doing things that will naturally attract a woman.
  • It is all about encouraging the attraction of women to the identity and actions instead of the appearance and get up.

It Could Be Worth the Try

On many counts the book written by Tiffany Taylor and containing her programs and methods for winning over the woman one desires could be worth the try. For one; since it is written by a woman who understands the women psyche better than the male counterparts being herself one of the clan; it would contain many unique truths that will be very useful in the endeavor to win the targeted woman.

In any case; people who are really fed up of women passing by without a second glance to them or are finding it too difficult to continue all alone and settling for average looking women, or scared of dating since they feel they are not attractive, may find the contents in “Guy Gets Girl” not only to their liking but also practically useful.

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