Ebook Review: Amazing Wedding Planning by Erica Yoon

Are you looking for tips that can help you save big on your wedding costs? Are you out on your own making arrangements for your own wedding? Are you looking for where to begin making arrangements for your special day? Look no further. Erica Yoon is one of the few authors who have taken pains to write the minutest possible detail when it comes to arranging for a wedding.

Her e-book titled “Amazing Wedding Planning” is must have for those who are still figuring out where to begin and what to do. The book contains money-saving tips and secrets that even the most successful wedding planners have no clue about.

Arranging for your own wedding can be a chore if you haven’t planned your work enough. You may end up wasting a large amount of your money and time organizing things without proper knowledge and planning. Erica Yoon’s e-book titled “Amazing Wedding Planning” contains details of what all needs to be done and how, for all those who want to prepare for their wedding on their own. It gives valuable tips on how you can save big on simple things such as on wedding gowns, professional wedding photography, booking wedding venues, catering, limousine and even on honeymoon packages. Erica tells you how you too can have a breathtakingly beautiful wedding without having to compromise on quality. She’s made amazing revelations on how everything tagged “wedding” is bound to have its price elevated and what you can to do to slash the cost by almost as much as 80%. No wonder she herself managed to save $10,000 by following her own tips while organizing her own wedding in spite of being overly occupied with her studies and work.

I myself was left awestruck by the revelations she made about how cheap I could buy my fabulous gown and accessories for a cousin’s wedding. For as low as $300, I could buy not only a beautiful gown but also all the beautiful accessories and add-ons you can ever want. Her advice is indeed priceless especially for those who have a low budget and yet want to have a luxurious wedding. With simple tactics you could easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. No matter what your budget is, you could end up saving over $10,000 on your wedding costs. The secrets in her e-book come from her hundreds of hours of research and experience she put into planning her own wedding.

Here are some of the few things that Erica’s talked about in her e-book “Amazing Wedding Planning”:

  • A step-by-step guide to getting a new wedding dress for less than $100 that sells for over $2000 in retail stores.
  • Tricks that help you reduce alcohol costs up to 70% and catering costs to as much as 20% without changing the menu or number of guests.
  • Time and money saving tips for easing your shopping experience for dresses and accessories, wedding cards, and flowers.
  • Ideas that help you slash your wedding reception cost incredibly.
  • Common tricks that vendors such as bridal shops, caterers, wedding venue organizers, photographers, wedding bands, and limousines owners use to commonly steal extra money. Learn about the art of smart negotiation.
  • Best times and dates for your wedding that help you save maximum.
  • Lists of best and most reasonable florists, bridal wear stores, transporters, photographers, caterers, websites for wedding invitations, wedding bands and much more…

Should you still choose to rely on cheap advice given in magazines and books, you are sure to miss saving big. Why wait for something that is sure to help you manage both your wedding and finances better? Click here for more information on Erica Yoon’s e-book titled “Amazing Wedding Planning”.

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