Dating Advice FAQ

Here are a few questions that I am frequently asked from women and men on Relationship Advice.

What relationship advice do you offer for staying in a long term relationship?

I always liken a relationship to having a full time job.  Meaning the perks of being in a  relationship doesn’t end when you two are apart.  Finding out in the beginning what pleases each other and doing these things during the course of the relationship will add longevity.

If you feel that the relationship has grown stale, you both must come up with ways to rekindle that spark that attracted you to each other in the first place.  Everyone will encounter problems during the course of their relationship but try presenting a solution if possible.  If concerns are met with conflict and adversity, the passion and friendship will start to diminish.  But if two understanding people come together during the tough and difficult times, this will only strengthen their bond and enhance the relationship.

How do you advise women and men to get along in a relationship?

Communication is extremely important when being in any relationship.  When your significant other approaches you with a problem, try not to be dismissive and listen to what is being said.  Compromise is another important factor when being in a successful relationship.  This is a constant along with making sacrifices.  Not to the point were either of you are unhappy, but making adjustments that you can comfortably live with.

What relationship advice would you give to women for them to keep the man that they are with?

Women should be spontaneous in their actions when it comes to pleasing us.  We bore easily and our attention needs constant stimulation.  The things that impressed us about you from the beginning, keep doing them.  Just the way a woman likes to be surprised by her man with a bouquet of flowers delivered to her job, so is it that we (men) like to be surprised as well.  Surprise him with his favorite negligee when he comes home from work.  Maybe make love to him in a different venue.  Also allow a man to be a man.  Let him make decisions in the household that take corrective measures.  Whether it involves your children’s studies or deciding disciplinary actions, let him handle the situation.  If he exhibited sound decision making abilities in the past, then continue to allow him to do so.

What relationship advice would you give to men for staying in a long term relationship?

Men should also be spontaneous and resort to the things he did while in the infancy of their relationship.  Women love to be listened to especially when a man is responsive to her needs.  It not only shows that you listen to her concerns, but you are willing to act upon them and handle the situation as well.  Women appreciate a man that takes charge.  A confident man that makes decisions beneficial to you both will strengthen any relationship.

Take this Relationship Advice and see if it brings out positive changes in your own personal relationship with your mate. The possibilities are endless!