300 Creative Dates Book Review: Why You Should Get It Today

Have you been feeling at a loss of ideas to make your dates interesting? Do you feel unable to imagine your date beyond a formal dinner and a movie? Is the thought of spending too much on your next date weighing you down? Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb in his e-book titled “300 Creative Dates” reveals 300 unique and creative date ideas that you will never feel stuck in a dating routine. Treat your dates the way they’ve never been treated before. Give them a time of their lives by getting innovative with “300 Creative Date Ideas” an e-book by Michael Webb.

There are times when you simply want to enjoy the company of your beloved without bothering about what they might think of you and your behavior. Seldom does it happen that your date allows you to do just that. You go out together, all the while thinking of ways to impress her with an expensive dinner and a romantic movie and what happens at the end? Both smile and leave? Being honest, you wanted to have fun, could you? Most of the times you are simply unable to do so simply because, you, in attempt to make your date special, forgot about what your sweetheart may actually like, instead, you keep the old dating tradition going. Its time you broke the tradition and got innovative in the way you plan your dates.

If you are a seasoned dater, chances are that you are already bored out of your life planning your dates the same old way. Re-think what makes both you and your date happy. Spending quality time together, right? What’s better than spending some time together at a pool at night or going on a long drive, something you’ve never tried before? Does it sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, people have tried these unique dating ideas only to make their experience better and memorable. Had it not been for Michael Webb, we all would have spent our lives watching movies and waiting for one chance to have “pure fun” on our dates. In his e-book Michael has listed most unique and innovative dating ideas that not only cost less than $20 but also make your date an evening to remember for both you and your partner.

Like many others, I too was reluctant in going out with my boyfriend on the same old date. It wasn’t unless he promised to take me on a long drive along the country side that I agreed to go out with him. And, what an evening it was! At sunset we stood by the beach holding hands silently communicating our love we had never done before. While returning, he told me how he had come up with this wonderful plan; it was Michael’s e-book that had done wonders. At first I felt cheated, later when I remembered the time we had spent together I could say nothing but only a genuine heartfelt “Thanks” to the author of “300 Creative Dates”. Now as I share my dating experiences with friends, they are more than envious of the way I and my boyfriend make our evenings special every time we go out together.

To all those men, who want to win the hearts of their ladies, and to all ladies who want to have a time of their lives, I recommend “300 Creative Dates” by Michael Webb. Click here for more information on this fabulous e-book by the Oprah Love Expert.

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