2 Simple Tips on How to Ask Him Out on a Date

Looking to ask him out on a date? I know you’ve been wanting to – so here’s the best way to do it!


Keep it a secret

People gossip – and if you talk to friends about your plan, he may find out before you actually do the asking. Then, instead of thinking that you’re confident (which he will when you ask him out), he might think you’re too immature or insecure to be discreet about things.

Pick a place

Figure out where you want to go on your date – so if he asks what you have in mind, you’ll have an answer ready (and can avoid looking lame with an “Uh, I don’t know” moment). Suggest a place that’s casual but where you can talk alone, without other friends around.

Get psyched

Practice (out loud!) what you’re going to say. That way, even if you’re nervous, you’ll sound poised and natural – and then he’ll become more likely to say yes!


Feel your best

Wear your favourite outfit. If you love how you look that day, you’ll feel self-assured and attractive! But keep it real: Like if you don’t typically wear makeup, don’t start on the day you’re asking him out. He’ll notice – and think you’re trying to be someone you’re not, which is a turnoff.

When to do it

Ask him out in person, so he’ll be reminded of how friendly and cute you are. E-mails and IMs can be misread – he could take them the wrong way and think you’re asking to hang out as friends.

Where to ask

Get him when he’s alone. If your friends (or his!) are around, he might feel embarassed by the attention. Approach him when he’s by himself – catch him after college on his way home – and start the conversation with a simple “Hey, how are you?”

What to say

Be relaxed – you don’t want him to think you’ve been strategising for weeks (even if you have!). He might find that intimidating or creepy. Just say something casual and laid back like, “Hey, wanna hang out on Friday and get something to eat?”

What To Do If He….

Says Yes: Congratulations! If you don’t have his number, now’s the time to get it. Tell him you’ll call the day before to figure out the details. And don’t tell all your friends – you’ll freak him out.

Hesitates: If he says he’s busy – he has a life! Just suggest another night. But if he says he’s busy again – and doesn’t offer an alternative – take it as a no.

Says No: Say, “Okay – I thought it might be fun. See you around!” That leaves it open as to whether you were actually asking him out, so you won’t feel awkward being around him in the future.

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