1000 Questions for Couples Review: Will It Improve Your Relationship?

begun knowing your partner. And I just knew him to well! But it did not work. We still separated our ways. Only because, we thought we were not made for each other. And, yes all those who separate ways would happily console themselves with such statements. No matter how many reasons, may you try to identify, “An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions”, says Michael Webb – the bestselling author who has been featured on over 500 radio and television shows including Oprah, Men are From Mars/ Women are From Venus, NBC News etc. Yes, we actually did not know each other well enough. Michael Webb’s e-book titled “1000 Questions for Couples” served as an eye-opener in time and we are back in love. This is the magic asking your partner the “right” questions can have on a relationship.

In my years of writing reviews I have hardly found a product that delivers what it claims to. How would a book of questions do any wonders? I guess I was wrong! I was taken aback with the revelations made by these questions. I actually know my partner “now”. I wouldn’t have experienced the pain of separation if I had this book earlier. This sound like a testimony doesn’t it.

Feel free to take it as my testimonial for
1000 Questions for Couples” by Michael Webb. This e-book contains 1,000 of the most important questions couples should always ask each other. These are questions that cover all aspects of a romantic relationship ranging from pets to religion. Questions that we can never think of, but are important for a long lasting romantic relationship; Questions that difficult to ask your partner, you will find almost any and every question that can change your perspective about your relationship.
As your relationship matures, you begin understanding each other better. You get more comfortable the way both of you interact and spend time together.

Also, then you begin knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and… your relationship enters a new dimension. It is then either you decide to settle down with each other or separate your ways. It really hard to imagine losing the one you’ve loved and lived with. And, when this happens, we are often left wondering, what went wrong? No matter how many reasons, you may try to identify, the truth is that it can take ages to actually “know” someone unless you ask them the right questions.

1000 Questions for Couples” contains questions that are grouped into topics and cover subjects such as personality, feelings and emotions, favorites, morals, career and education, relationships – past & present, convictions and beliefs, friends and family, communication, money, sex, vacations, attractions, hobbies and entertainment, and many more.

No matter what stage of your relationship you are in, no matter what your age is, you are sure to do justice to your relationship by asking the right questions at the right time. And, it’s never too late to begin. To learn more about this wonderful questionnaire titled
“1000 Questions for Couples” by Michael Webb, CLICK HERE!!!

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